Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reading List

Hello there. I know I skipped yesterday's Back to School post about balance. It's coming up later this week. Sorry! Yesterday was just an very busy day. I spent a lot of it in town with my mom, shopping for a new dress that would look good on my post-baby body and trying to find coordinating red accessories for our upcoming family picture. Red is really hard to find this season, let me tell you. Every store we went to looked like it had been hit with a charcoal and purple bomb.

ANYWAY. Today, since Back to School isn't ready yet, I wanted to share a few of my very favorite links. Basically, all the people and blogs that make me green with jealousy. You might know about a few of them. And if you don't, all the better! A fun bunch to click through.

The Pioneer Woman - Insanely good recipes. I often cook for dinner whatever she has posted on her recipe page that day.

Eric D. Snider
- My favorite movie critic. He has some funny stuff in his archives, too.

Design Sponge - Obviously.

Jessica Hische and Daily Drop Cap - Make me so jealous.

Free stock photography.

Lizzy House - I knew this girl in college. She was amazing back then and she's amazing now. She made awesome prints in college, nowadays she designs cute, cute fabric.

Portabello Pixie - Another fabric designer. I don't know her personally but I lurk at her blog like crazy. Lots of fun giveaways and stories about the bears in her yard.

Heather Bailey - Also a fabric designer. Her blog is fun. I love her fabrics and all her free tutorials.

Grain Edit - Another no-brainer.

Jenn Ski - I bought some of her stickers in Michael's a while back and Googled her immediately when I got home. I LOVE her retro style. I want to buy all her paintings. And live in her house.

Sassy Style - I am really jealous that I didn't think of this idea. These ladies redecorate and refinishe with stuff that you already own, or stuff from thrift stores and yard sales and attics. It's pretty amazing. I love what they can do for cheap. It's very inspiring for those of us who don't have a huge home decorating budget.

Pretty Hair is Fun to Do - LOVE this! Free tutorials about doing hair. It's mostly for little girls, which I don't have yet, but it's still really fun!

Alberto Cerriteno - Mexican Illustrator extraordinaire.

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