Wednesday, June 23, 2010


PHEW. June has been a seriously insanely busy month for me. I have a feeling that the whole summer is going to be more of the same.

I have been dabbling with a few things, though. Nothing new, I just revisited my hand piece. I actually had another plan for the grey background. I got it all painted and then started putting together something totally different, but it just wasn't turning out the way I wanted. Someday I'll be able to just compose in my mind--or even in my sketchbook-- and the things I whip up will be exactly as I envisioned. But for now, this is it. One thing I struggle with, I think, is to be able to be satisfied with what I've done and what progress I've made, rather than expecting perfection of myself right off. There's a learning curve to everything.

Anyway, about this, it's kind of funny to me that it turned out even better than the green one I did. I generally avoid the grey/yellow color combo. I think it's kind of run its course. It was SUPER trendy two or three years ago. I was seeing it all over in stores and on design blogs, and I have to admit, I liked the pop of the yellow with the grey. I'm kind of getting over it now, though, and I think a lot of others are too. But somehow this one worked for me...Maybe because the yellow isn't a crazy neon, it's gold.

I have TWO MORE hands cut out, but I think I'm going to try and do something a little different with them. I do like to find a design that works for me and try to mass produce it, with little tweaks each time, but I think at this point in my life I ought to try stretching my muscles a little more. That means not going crazy on just one design.

That's all my blabbing for the moment, mostly because I want to go sneak a spoonful of caramel from my fridge now.

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