Thursday, May 27, 2010

Things you never needed (or wanted) to know about me.

1. Favorite foods: Mexican, green nectarines, Ruffles.
2. Worst scent ever: lavender, or boiled chicken giblets.
3. Music of choice: Top 40. And I don't care who knows it. I am no longer ashamed. That's what happens when a) you're me, and b) you visit countries where discos are still cool.
5. Favorite color: Robin's egg blue and brown with a dash of red or pink thrown in. I guess that's more like a favorite color scheme.
6. Top 3 things I draw in my sketch book: Circles, animals, and paisley.
7. I wish I were good at: Figure drawing, pattern making, and cleaning the toilet without triggering my gag reflex.
8. Most hated food: Melon, any kind, anywhere.
9. Embarrassing moment: Once in college my skirt rode up under my backpack and I accidentally flashed my granny panties at a car full of boys. I was clear across the street before I realized why they were all smiling at me.
10. Character flaws: Fastidious, perfectionist, whiny, not finishing projects.
11. Strengths: Kind, creative, hardworking.

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