Sunday, May 23, 2010

Brought to you by the freak letter J

OK, OK, I know I'm not going in alphabetical order. I'm sorry, it's just the way my freak mind works. Some of these monograms really get me stuck (letter C, I'm looking at you!) so I just go with the funnest ones first. It's just better that way.

Here's J:

I debated on even posting this one because it's still a work in progress and the color scheme is needing a redo. That said, I think this letter is turning out pretty fun. I like the chunky paisley it's got going on. I think now it's just deciding how to treat the color. Should I go bright and bold, or should I go a more neutral route to combat all the shapes it's got going? Hmmm. I'll sleep on it.

But you know, the problem with sleeping on problems-for me-is that the solutions come when I'm on the verge of sleep and way too lazy to get up and put it on paper. Or else my brain gets hyperactive and I have bizarre dreams. Last night I dreamed that my parents' neighbor's child went missing and I finally found him laying on a bale of hay on the top of a haystack in a large shed with pigeons roosting in it. His eyes were glazed over and he was all limp. Suddenly I realized he'd been brainwashed by aliens and it was up to me to de-brainwash him. Then I woke up. The whole thing was very freaky.

ANYWAY. The letter J. How did that turn into a discussion of my dreams? I told you I had a freak brain.

In the meantime I know you'll be in suspense to find out what I decide to do with this letter.


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