Monday, August 9, 2010


Last week JC and I took a little vacation up to Yellowstone Park, one of my favorite areas.

One of the spots we visited was the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. It was a fantastic museum and I'm really sorry that I didn't take more pictures! I really enjoyed the museum's display of antique posters from Buffalo Bill's show. I also enjoyed the fine art section of the museum but I was so busy keeping JC entertained in that section that I didn't take any pictures.

At any rate, the BBHC is totally worth a visit. The curators have done a great job there collecting a huge variety of pieces. There's a lot more artistic value than you would think from a museum about the wild west--I know I was very pleasantly surprised.
Can I just say, I love, love, love old typography. Who would have expected that awesome headline lettering 130 years ago?
JC even found something to do. I think he had fun practicing his cowboy skills. Not that he'll ever use them. I'm going to heed Willie Nelson's advice on this one. I don't think that I could mentally survive having a bronc-bustin' son. Let him be a doctor and a lawyer and such.
We spotted this elk by the outhouses at Tower Falls...
And here's my brother, my son, and my dad standing by a geyser that smelled like rotten eggs. Being the mature woman that I am, I teased everyone in my family about letting such stinky fluffies.
All sophomoric joking aside, Yellowstone was great. The photos don't do it justice.
It was a hot trip. I got burned. Made sure to put sunscreen on my tyke, though. My JC baby is such a mama's boy. After about the second day, he staged a massive stroller rebellion and ended up being carried around most of the time.

I was OK with that.

Obviously being in Yellowstone last week I didn't get any new posters or anything... Plus I've had a couple design jobs come my way and between that, mothering, and putting up raspberry jam, I haven't had much time for other stuff. I will soon, though! Just keep checking back.

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