Thursday, July 15, 2010


Today just for fun, because my baby took a long nap, I brought out my sketch book and rendered one of my little sketches in Illustrator. It turned out great! I'd say I have a pretty graphic style. Clean, simple shapes just appeal to me.

I did a few variations of this. I love how they each turned out. So different and fun! The one above is the first try. Here's the next, simple, clean, neutral...

Black and white, which I LOVE. The first half of one of my design classes in college focused just on designing in black and white, and I had so much fun with it, so now sometimes I'll do black and white just to remember the good old days.

Blue...Watery, pretty...

And my favorite. The color palette reminds me of the saris they wear in Bollywood movies. The bright, bold color is so much fun!

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