Saturday, November 6, 2010

One Year

My baby turned one today.

I've been close to tears all day. It seems like not long ago, our lives looked like this:

This was him a year ago.

He was born a preemie. I got to hold him for about 10 seconds after I had him. Long enough to take this picture, then they whisked him off to the Newborn ICU. My husband really got the short shrift, I don't think he had a chance to even touch him.

The next 2 weeks were tough. The smooth birth and healthy baby we were expecting didn't happen. That was hard. And, um, so were the next 6 months or so. We made it, though!

What a cutie. I wouldn't change a thing about this year. It's been a big learning experience.

Seriously. How stinking cute is he?

I just love my little guy. Wouldn't trade him for anything. Happy birthday, baby!

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  1. Oh wow. I didn't know he was preemie or had complications. I'm sorry those first months were so tough but I'm so happy he's doing well now! And yes, he really is absolutely adorable!